Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box Review – 8 Personality Types Explained

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Having used the Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box system myself, I’ll be revealing below how to typecast each female personality.

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One thing I’ve figured out, and it’s that a lot of women these days are obsessed with finding an “Alpha Male.” Seriously, just Google that phrase, or look it up on a site that sells eBooks. You will find thousands of titles!

I started to wonder if maybe the reason I wasn’t getting laid was that I wasn’t living up to this “Alpha Male” standard. At that point, I tried to figure out what an Alpha Male actually is, and you know what I concluded?

… It’s nothing in particular.

An Alpha Male in theory is supposed to be the “top dog” in society. But how many of us are top dogs in any way? Heck, I’m a plumber, and just one of dozens of plumbers in my city. But you know what else I discovered? A lot of those guys in those eBooks aren’t top dogs either.

They’re just whatever the women reading them think constitutes that personality.

And that’s what Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box is all about. This system teaches you how to understand women. Once you’ve used this system, you’ll be able to instantly identify which of 8 personality types any woman you meet fits best. And you’ll learn the personality type that attracts her, and what you need to do to entice her. In other words, you’ll learn how to be the perfect “Alpha Male” for any woman you meet!

What’s Included When You Buy Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box?

Let me start out by telling you this is not just another eBook on dating with a few tips and tricks! You get a lot more than that when you buy Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box. Here’s what you get with your purchase:

  • 10 different videos
  • 10 different PDF guides
  • Interviews with each of the 8 personality types
  • A strategy guide that teaches you how to recognize all 8 types
  • A 60-second profile quiz that lets you size up any woman in a hurry
  • Strategies for appealing to each personality type

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The Vin DiCarlo Personality System

According to Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box, all women essentially fit into 8 different personality categories. Now, I want to say a quick word about this before going any further.

I think this actually works quite well if you’re just aiming to get a quick lay. You’re not looking for depth here, just results. And you’ll get them, believe me. When you’re just looking for a shallow night of fun, what you’re going to find is usually, well … shallow fun.

There’s nothing complicated going on here, and there is no reason whatsoever you can’t easily fit shallow fun into 8 simple categories!

If you’re in the market for a serious relationship, I’d say this system has its limits. Why? Simply put, because at that point you’re looking for something deeper, and if your girl still fits perfectly into one of 8 personality types … well, you probably aren’t seeing the real woman, or worse, there isn’t a whole lot there to see.

That being the case, this system still can help you hook up with someone who is likely to be a good match for you. Part of the benefit of this system is not only do you learn how to attract women, but you also get a better grasp on the types of women that are attractive to you, and why you are attracted to them.

The personalities are all based on several different dualities:

  • Tester/Investor. Women who are testers tend to test the water with multiple prospective guys rather than simply investing in one guy who they think has potential.
  • Denier/Justifier. This concept has to do with how women deal with social conflicts surrounding sex.  Women who deny will pretend nothing happened the following morning, whereas women who justify will instead give an explanation for it, or otherwise feel it is relatively insignificant in the first place. A denier typically sees sex as special, whereas a justifier just sees it as fun.
  • Realist/Idealist. This one is pretty easy to understand.  An idealistic woman maintains an idealized vision of her future, whereas a realist feels that the future is not going to necessarily fit within an ideal.

These different dualities are used to generate the 8 different personality types:

  1. The Playette (Tester/Denier/Idealist): The Playette tends to be quiet and protect herself, because she knows she has a lot to offer, but she’s waiting for the ideal guy to come along.  At the same time, she’s willing to test the waters sexually, but only if you get sexual fast.  Otherwise she tends to put you in the “No Sex Zone” forever (I can’t say how many times this has happened to me).
  2. The Social Butterfly (Tester/Justifier/Idealist): This is exactly what it sounds like.  This is the girl who’s the life of the party.  She can be aggressive about sex, but will shy away if she gets the impression you see her as a conquest or have more serious objectives in mind.
  3. The Hopeful Romantic (Investor/Denier/Idealist): Think of those old-fashioned women you’ve met who dream about the perfect man coming in to sweep them off their feet.  This is a woman who searches for an idealized long-term relationship.
  4. The Cinderella (Investor/Justifier/Idealist): This is that gorgeous woman who everyone assumes has a boyfriend, so she usually doesn’t. She can be naturally intimidating for that reason. She can be very passionate and can get involved in a relationship quickly if she believes in its potential or thinks a guy resembles her ideal.
  5. The Private Dancer (Tester/Denier/Realist): This personality type is similar to the Playette.  Because the she knows she has a lot to offer, this woman will protect herself and will only open up to a few.  The main difference is that she is a realist and not an idealist.  Technically she is a potential extreme investor in disguise as well, and must function as a tester to protect herself from investing in the wrong guy.
  6. The Seductress (Tester/Justifier/Realist): The seductress is a confident, sexual woman with a lot of independence, who generally perceives of men as insecure or weak.  This type of woman is very fixated on sex, and probably isn’t looking for dating or romance so much as a friend she can rely on and have fun with.
  7. The Connoisseur (Investor/Denier/Realist): This woman is picky about who she dates.  She will tend to protect herself and will only offer her gifts to those she deems worthy. She’s looking for a man who needs her.  She’s similar to the Private Dancer, but she doesn’t work as hard to protect her investing nature, and thus doesn’t spend time as a tester.
  8. The Modern Woman (Investor/Justifier/Realist): This type of woman is independent, may be ambitious, and rarely gets serious about men unless she feels there is a good reason.  She views sex as fun rather than serious.

The Playette is one of the types I tend to be attracted to. I loved the advice I got from the system for how to pursue her. “You must get sexual fast … but at the same time, you must create the perception of potential romance. This is something bad boys do naturally, but it can be learned.” That’s right – “bad boys,” those “Alpha Male” guys!

I think the biggest single thing I gleaned from all of this is that there is no one perfect approach to attracting women! I think all too often we guys fall into the trap of thinking there is one perfect male ideal again, that “Alpha Male” myth. In reality, the only kind of “Alpha Male” you need to be to attract a woman is the kind of man she wants you to be.

Reading about all these types in the eBook and then watching the interviews (each of the 8 personality types is interviewed) was really eye-opening for me. I didn’t just learn “what women want,” I learned what different types of women want. I immediately got some insight into some of the women I had dated in the past or wanted to date but never got my chance.

I could easily see where I’d gone wrong by totally getting their type wrong! You simply can’t approach the Cinderella the same way you approach the Private Dancer, and so on. In fact, more often than not, if you do, you’ll drive the girl away.

Do you have your eye on a particular lady? Or are you maybe wondering where you screwed up with a woman in the past?

You can get a feel for this system right now by filling out a quick 9 question quiz:

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You’ll be amazed at how well this system profiles women!

You should be able to recognize any woman easily in the category that comes up, and you’ll be given some insights you can use to woo her. This is just a preview of what you get when you buy the whole system!

Did It Work?

With Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box, you learn how to “typecast” women you meet. You can do this in under a minute once you start getting good at it. I spent a few weeks doing nothing but typecasting. I didn’t even try to talk to the women I was typecasting. I just went to bars and restaurants and observed. Once I started feeling like I had a grasp on it, I felt confident enough to start approaching women and trying the techniques.

I was amazed first off by how differently my interactions went! I had completely different conversations than I ever would have had in the past, and found myself behaving very differently, but it had results! I got a lot more phone numbers than I ever did before, and I ended up going out with several different women within the first few weeks, including some of those elusive Playettes I was after.

I had some of the best sex I’ve had in years, and I finally feel like I have options and basically have my pick out of the women that I’m interested in. I also have a better grasp on my own psychology, which is great. I’m having an easier time identifying women who actually are the types I like and am compatible with. I think that gives me a much better shot at eventually finding the “right” woman for a real relationship.


  • You get a ton of resources when you buy this system. It’s a huge value for the price.
  • The interviews are particularly helpful, since they give you examples of real women who fit these types. It’s easier to learn the types this way, since it’s more intuitive, and I’m not really a text-based learner.
  • The 60-second profiler quiz is awesome! Once you get it down, you will be able to identify which personality type many women are within just a minute of talking to them or watching them.
  • The 8 types help you screen women for compatibility sexually and for a relationship.
  • Learn how to be the perfect “Alpha Male” for any woman by learning how she thinks and what she’s in the market for. All you have to do is satisfy her needs, and you will be her dream guy!


  • While the author has a lot of great insights, this is clearly a product of his particular experiences.
  • This is a great system for casual sex or for meeting someone, but it doesn’t teach you how to maintain a serious relationship on a real level.
  • Some guys may be tempted to misuse this system. It’s important to understand that if you are not really compatible with a woman on an instinctive level, no amount of saying or doing the “right” thing to attract her will make you or her happy over the long run (though it’s still great for casual hook-ups!). Use this system to meet up with women you are a good fit with, or just for fun!

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Take Home Message

There you have it … now you can see why Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box is one of the most popular dating systems in the world. This seriously is an amazing system, guys! It has totally turned my dating life around. I’m getting with way more women, and I’m having a lot more fun with them too. I know I’ll probably never understand women on any intuitive level, but at least now I have some idea what’s going on inside their heads. And most importantly, I now know how to be the “Alpha” guy that any woman is seeking!