3 Keys To Scoring HIGHER QUALITY Women

One of the most common questions I get from guys is “how do I upgrade the quality of women I’m dating?”

In fact I got a very interesting letter related to that topic…

(Btw, if you have a question for me, doesn’t hesitate to shoot me an email)

Keep it short, tell me why you chose natural game, or what you’ve done so far that has worked.

Tell me where your at in terms of success – before you found my stuff and now. And then ask your question.

This will give me a good idea of where you are coming from, so I can put your question into context and find the source of your problem.


“Vin – Awesome stuff. I have learned so much from you man. I wish I bought the
Pandoras Box in high school. The changes its made in me are like I’m not the same guy I was a year ago. Everyone notices too but they don’t know why!!

It’s our secret 🙂 I’ve told a couple of my friends about the book but they don’t have the same motivation I had to improve themselves. Maybe if I talk about it enough they will get on it! I have one friend in particular who could really use it….

I have a question about something that wasn’t discussed in the book though. I know the A-C is all about making myself a better man, and showing that to women.

But how do I elevate the kind of women I date. I mean I’m not ugly, but I’m not what you’d call goodlooking. I’m average build, a little on the short side, and I’m still overcoming lots of bad beliefs that came from my first marriage.

I make a good living, and I’m intelligent and successful. I think I’m a cool guy to be around except when I’m around really really hot women. I get stuck in my head and think that they wouldn’t want me!

How can I use your stuff to get the really hot women that I’ve never had the confidence to get?

Thanks so much for all you’ve done for guys out there. Can’t wait for the No Flakes Dvd to get here!

-S. G. Hartford CT


Thanks for the letter. I love reading about how The Pandoras Box has helped
guys from all backgrounds and skill

It’s really motivating for me to keep going and developing new stuff for guys to improve their lives.


That’s the whole point. There isn’t a big section called “How to use this to get hot women” because that’s what the whole book is about.

I wouldn’t write a book on how to pick up average or ugly girls. What’s the point of that?

Most guys can already do that without even trying.

Fully actualizing your personality, being a more powerful, confident man, knowing what to pay attention to in EVERY SITUATION…that’s how to meet the most beautiful, highest quality women out there!

In fact, you’ll notice that once you start employing the Pandoras Box into your life, less attractive ones will actually distance themselves from you and not show any interest in you.

…Sometimes they’ll be outright mean.

Here’s why:

Have you ever been around a really smokin’ woman, and you were actually hostile or cold to her?

It’s a self-protection mechanism. Basically what’s going on is that you don’t think you can get her – that she’s out of your league – so you act like you don’t want her.

This way, you protect your ego. Because what if you actually tried to engage her and she blew you off?

This would confirm your fear – that you aren’t good enough for her.

Guess what? Women do this too!!! Worse then men, because, and this is something they keep top-secret…


Even the top women go about their day worrying what people think of them.

You probably already have more self-esteem than a lot of the women that have turned you down!

Imagine that…

But women are extremely good at hiding their insecurities, and they are even
better at noticing men’s insecurities.

It’s not really fair is it? But hey that’s life. I think guys actually have it easy when you think about it.

This brings me to my first point about attracting higher quality women.


If you act like you are used to being in the company of top-shelf women, and believe that no woman is out of your league, women will too.

One problem I used to have was that I could approach really hot women, and talk to them for a minute or so, but then all my bad beliefs would creep in, and I’d begin to doubt that a guy like me could actually get a woman like her.

I’d interpret her actions as if she was just humoring me. I’d actually start to
feel silly, like I was wasting her time, and just fooling myself.


The Pandoras Box is all about NOT doing this. It talks about what to do instead. Because I think that problem I just described is extremely common.

I think that’s what happens to most guys when they talk to really hot women.

It’s funny, because now that I date only the highest quality women I meet, I get an inside look into their lives.

Really hot women don’t get approached seriously.

Guys either stare, or hoot and holler. No one really walks up to them and tries to get to know them.

On the rare occasions when they DO meet men, the guys usually act like little boys, and are timid and unsure of themselves.

The ironic thing about all this is that the best women are the easiest women to attract with the Pandoras Box.

They are so used to pathetic male behavior (I should coin that term – PMB!) that just being a little more honest, expressing yourself a little more, and being a little more curious about her as a person will put you light years ahead of most guys she meets.

But the Pandoras Box is about more than that. It’s not about being “a little better.” It’s about being your fullest, truest self, and MAKING WOMEN FEEL YOU.

It’s all about adjusting your focus, which leads to all the right stuff.

If you approach a stunning woman, and start to doubt that she’d actually go for a guy like you, just pay attention to something more useful, more powerful.

She will notice this, and see you as a guy that is in her league. You will come off so confident, so powerful, that your average looks, and bad sense of humor become irrelevant!

Learn how this all works here.


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