Are You COMPETING with women?

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

It’s having the mentality that it’s us VERSUS them, men versus women.

Maybe you feel combative while talking to them, or they feel like an “opponent” in the game…

First, let me say this.

It’s OK if you have been or still are in that mindset.

After all, it affects all of us to some degree… and it’s not our fault.

This mindset is perpetuated not only by society, but also by other “experts”

So of course it is completely natural to snap back into the combative mindset…

But let me just clarify something.


You cannot TRULY connect with a woman if you see her as your opponent to be controlled and manipulated.

If you think even for a second that you and the woman you’re seducing don’t have the same goals or that you’re even on the same team then you’re projecting the WRONG frame for the interaction.


Women have forever been and will always be your teammates.

But if you turn them into concepts or patterns it’s IMPOSSIBLE to think differently.

You have to realize that women have thoughts, emotions and dreams just like us.

When you come to this realization another thing hits you…

They want the SAME THINGS that we do.

And one of those things happens to be SEX.


I have what I call the “One Team One Dream” frameset.

It’s the belief system that you and your girl are BOTH looking forward and working towards the same end result.

You’re a team and you’re working TOGETHER to chase your dreams and make
life better.

I know it sounds a little bit corny.


I’m sure you’ve heard before that women want sex.

But the real truth of it is that women LONG for sex.

Women want sex way more than guy’s do AND they are repressed for doing so.

They’re just waiting for the right guy to come and sweep them off of their feet and drag them to the bedroom.

She WANTS you to be a competent seducer because if you are it could mean the end of her loneliness and long nights of watching movies and eating out of a tub of ice cream.

The reason why there’s all this testing and childish behavior is to find out if you’re that special guy who’s worth being around.

She’s on your side man… she wants you to make it happen.


One of my instructors Brian saw a poster for some clothing brand.

It was a picture of two absolutely BEAUTIFUL models.

A man and a woman.

They’re on a beach next to the ocean and it looks to be a perfect day.

The man is giving the girl a piggyback ride and they are both staring down the beach in the same direction, both with the same DESIRE and INTENT in their eyes.

That’s how I like to picture the “One Dream One Team” philosophy.

Whenever I feel negative attitudes towards women or get down on this whole thing I just think about that moment and how it felt for the two of them.

All the negativity just drifts away and all that’s left is the desire to make it happen.


I KNOW that the pickup arts make this world a better place.

I don’t just mean for men or specifically for pickup artists either.

I think women and humanity in general benefits from developing a strong group
of men who are very capable of seduction.

This is because I feel like it is HELPING men work towards the same goal that women are.

My philosophies and mindsets AREN’T for the misogynistic.

No matter what I could teach those with ill will, their hate and combativeness with women will ALWAYS shine through.

It’s the same reason why if you try to hide your sexual desire women will resent you for the ulterior motive you’re projecting.

That’s why you must leave any mindset that resembles this behind.

Learn to understand that we share the same dream and your success will SKYROCKET.

I talk a lot about the “One Team One Dream” principle in my new program The Pandoras Box system.

When I was writing it my end desire was to complete the PERFECT mental picture
for how a natural seducer would think and act.

A lot of the other people who pretend to teach Natural Game use VAGUE concepts and catch phrases like “Just Be Yourself”.


I’ve nailed down exactly what Natural Game is, why it’s BETTER and how it can work for you.

If you’re sick of banging your head against the wall wondering why you’re going to bed alone then it’s time to discover how you can be a completely natural pickup artist.

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