Are You Over Attracting Women?

I was recently out with some students and having a BLAST.

All the guys were opening and escalating on girls – it was truly a marvelous sight.

But there was one little problem…

One of the guys started out the night great, but as he was making progress on his sticking points, he soon hit a brick wall.

He stopped making progress.

And when I looked more closely, I noticed he had a major kink in his game.

By the nature of his sticking point, I knew immediately that it wasn’t a lack of knowledge or technique — Actually it was quite the opposite.

How do I know this?

The sticking point I saw was more common among guys who had been in the
game for a few years already.

And guys who were brand new, hardly EVER had this type of difficulty.


The problem was that he’s attracting girls far before he ever realizes it!

I know that this sounds like a “high quality problem”

But it isn’t REALLY the core of his sticking point.

The major issue was that he was getting attraction through his natural and dominant qualities and then NOT escalating on the windows of opportunity that the women were presenting him.

What was happening was that he’d go into sets and in NO TIME he would be having them laughing, giggling and fawning over him.

Of course by playing a smooth game he was able to build attraction FAST.

But then something would happen…

The girls would put themselves out there by offering windows of escalation as a sort of… test.

You see, girls offer this test as a way of knowing whether you’re a man of action or not.

It’s a way of testing the waters and seeing if you’re the kind of guy who wants her to push the interaction along or if you’re the man who is willing to be the dominant leader.

But my student either DIDN’T REALIZE what was going on or was uncomfortable with moving the interaction forward and would fail the test.

So, in turn, the girls would get BORED and DISAPPOINTED with the “floating” around he was doing.

By floating I mean the casual conversation and “mandatory 3 feet of personal space” that the student is using.

Women WANT their space to be invaded by a cool guy who is comfortable with it.

When you’re out picking up you need to act as a FORCEFUL wind that comes in and shakes up their realities, not some light breeze that flutters around not really effecting anything.

Anyways, this sticking point is the result when guys try to play it safe or are uncomfortable with escalating with women.

It’s one of the many reasons why other methods that teach you to spend IMMENSE amounts verbally creating attraction don’t work.

What they don’t realize is that it’s not about talking your way into the bed but rather it’s about PROGRESSING things forward through smooth escalation.

Mastering windows of opportunity is one of the most vital skills you can cultivate in pickup.


Windows of opportunity really are your windows to further the interaction to your goal of pursuing a romantic relationship with the woman you’re interested in.

Women throw these tests at you all the time.

By spotting and passing these tests her subconscious will comprehend all of this as a display of DOMINANCE and SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE and there will be a spike in her attraction

They’re the key to it all. If she’s giving you chances and opportunities to escalate you can be certain that attraction is there and then use the windows to build on it.


The thing about these tests is that they’re strictly passed with flying colors or fail miserably.

There is no neutral ground.

If you DON’T jump through the windows of opportunity you will LOSE attraction.

See… this is the problem my student had.

By not taking advantage of the open windows he is essentially failing a test she has designed for you subconsciously.

Because of this she will lose attraction and become bored with you.

It’s the same reason why both wingmen (if you’re working with one) must escalate at the same rate. If both women are presenting opportunities to escalate and one wing fails to escalate, that girl will ruin the set.

She will pull her friend away and you will hear the dreaded “We have to go to the bathroom!” line.

Those girls aren’t going to be talking about how interesting those guys are…

What they’re really doing in the bathroom is talking about how he was too much of a pussy to make a move.


A lot of the time this ISN’T the case.

Guys who don’t know what they’re doing don’t know how to convey DOMINANCE end up getting shooed away by girls.

BUT… if it seems like the girls you’re talking to are REALLY enjoying the interaction… but you still get rejected then you might be dealing with this sticking point.


A difference between getting the girl and losing her is about seeing the tests the women present to you and being able to pass them without even
thinking about it.

This is the line that divides the consistent ladies man with the guy who hits a home run every once in a while.

In The Pandoras Box I break down the THREE tests (RECEPTIVITY, WINDOWS OF ESCALATION, AND CHALLENGES) that women will unconsciously present to you and you’ll learn exactly how to deal with each one.

Once you know what the tests are and how to deal with them you can learn how to avoid behaviors that fail these tests.

It’s how to you’re going to get REALLY good at pickup.

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I remember back to before I knew this stuff and thinking about it is PAINFUL to me.


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