Avoid This Fashion NIGHTMARE

I am NOT the most fashion savvy guy in the world.

I usually let my girlfriend pick out clothes for me – not for MY benefit..

… but so that she doesn’t feel embarrassed when we go out in public together!

If it were up to me, I’d wear sweats and a t-shirt all day, with some old worn out sneakers. I mean, I think fashion is pretty silly.

I can definitely appreciate the artistic aspect of fashion design and style. When you look at a really well dressed woman, her outfit is like a work of art, and I dig that.

But when a guy is “too stylish” I kinda lose respect for him.

Don’t get me wrong, a man should present himself like he means to be taken seriously. A nice suit, good quality, well-fitting clothes are a fundamental part of masculine expression.

But some guys take it too far.

Case in point, the obsession with “peacocking” in the pickup Community for the past several years.

When I hear this term it makes me cringe.


If you’re not familiar with “peacocking,” let me explain.

A while ago, there was an emergence of routine-based “game,” relying heavily on superficial techniques, status games, and over-analysis of social interactions.

I never saw the value of any of this, and have always gone in the opposite direction.

The main reason for this is that I saw how pretending to be someone other than yourself, and saying jokes and routines that other guys came up with JUST FELT WRONG.

On top of that, the PRIMARY FOCUS of all that strategizing and game-playing was to covertly get approval from women, while making them feel insecure so they’d think you were cooler than them.

Think about the layers of bullshit in that approach to dating. Not only are you faking your personality because you

a) seek approval (as if women were an authority on what makes a man a man)

b) hide the fact that you’re seeking approval

c) play games with women so that they feel insecure and try to seek your approval


One of the main techniques of this approach was to “peacock,” to dress up in a really loud, ostentatious way so that women would “notice” you and want to talk to you.

Now there’s nothing wrong with wearing a nice watch, or a necklace that has some personal meaning.

But don’t do it to make women like you.

I’m sure a lot of you guys have seen the advocates of this approach on TV shows, straining to make sense out of this hare-brained “technique.”

I’ve personally encountered students of other pickup schools, and felt sad because these poor guys were not only nervous, clumsy, misdirected…they looked RETARDED.

So I want to set the record straight when it comes to fashion and meeting women.

There are only a handful of things you need to pay attention to when it comes to your appearance.

After you get this stuff handled, you should put it out of your mind, and not wait for women to notice you before you TAKE ACTION.

Before I go on, I have to reveal a secret.

I’ve tried peacocking myself. I did this maybe a couple times when I heard that other guys were doing it, just to see if it worked.

I felt ridiculous, and was totally incongruent with my personality when I went out.

But we all know that women pay attention to fashion, and like a well-dressed man.

I noticed that some of my best pickups occurred when I was in my workout clothes, or I was wearing something really basic – like jeans and a tanktop.

At the same time, I’d see muscled-up guys wearing revealing spandex, or super-tight shirts at the club, and women definitely did not respond well to this.

This got me thinking…maybe it’s not how much the clothes cost, or how flashy they are…

Maybe there’s something else going on.

Actually, there are two things going on, and you must manage, or balance these two things.

First and foremost, never seek approval from women. If a woman can tell that you are trying to impress her or make her like you, you are toast.

So if you look like you got dressed with the intention of getting women’s attention, they’ll see you coming a mile a way and put up their defenses.

You DON’T WANT to look like a pick up artist.

It’s better to dress modestly, and not put too much thought into it.

However, you don’t want to look sloppy. You want to present yourself in the best way you can.

This comes back to self-expression.

You already have a sense of what kind of guy you are, what your “scene” is, what you think is cool.

Don’t change that.

Instead, cultivate it, with these simple tweaks.

Wear colors that appeal to your skin tone and hair color. This isn’t rocket science. Go to an upscale men’s clothing store, and ask someone about this. Or look online.

Next, make sure your clothes are clean, and wrinkle free, and reasonably up-to-date. A woman should not have to worry about bringing you around her friends.

Lastly, make sure your clothes fit well, meaning, they ACCENTUATE YOUR MASCULINE PHYSIQUE.

Wear shirts that narrow your waist, and square your shoulders.

Wear pants that make your legs look long and thin.

Wear shoes that make your feet look big and well-formed.

Groom yourself – nose, neck, and ear hairs. Get a decent haircut. Shave, or don’t, but figure out what looks best and take it all the way.

One other piece…

Accessories should hang off you loosely, and have the look of a small decoration that says, “yeah, I can fuck.”

Use your intuition with this one. I don’t want to say too much because that’s a whole other topic.

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