How Do I Blame You For My Lack of Success

Hi Vin,

I would like to share a major frustration with you, which is not knowing who’s advice to trust and not trust. Much of what you say makes a lot of sense, but sometimes I get the feeling you are just another internet marketer elling a product.

And then I read this:

Based on what I’ve read of your material, I think that much of what you teach is truth. However, I do think you are guilty of following questionable marketing practices. And this makes me reluctant to want to buy any more of your products.

I have purchases several of your products, and used them to some success. But I am still not achieving the level of success I desire, or anywhere near it. I still find myself working hard just to get out of the psychological prison I have created for myself; I still have yet to find happiness and abundance.

Well, you asked us to vent our frustrations, and there is mine.


>>> Hey Isaac,

Well… You caught me…

… This is how I make my living.

I sell products and seminars that teach men how to get better with women.

I also give away advice like… well… This email, tomorrow’s, sunday’s, monday’s… for free…

I also offer refunds to anyone who even THINKS they can’t achieve the level of success with women they truly desire….

I also spend all of the free time I would normally spend at a 9-5 working on new ways to meet women that WORK…

… And most days, I’m up until 3am making them better and better.

Using them.

Testing them.

Trying them.

So yeah, you caught me. I teach men how to be better with women.

Can you trust me? How can you trust me over the other guys out there?


When it works, then you can trust me.

If it doesn’t work for you… Hey… Maybe my stuff doesn’t work for you…

But try it out.

Which leads me to the real meat of your question:

Why aren’t you seeing more success with women? Simple:

Because you’re trapping yourself in a “mental prison”, as you put it.

That’s got nothing to do with whether the techniques you learned WORK or not.

It means you won’t even try them out.

So honestly, I’ve got pity for you. I WANT you to get better.

Hell, I bust my ass every day trying to HELP you.

So please… please… Take it, use it.

And get out of your prison using the techniques I TAUGHT you in those programs.

Because they’re not magic pills. And I’ll never claim they are.

If you aren’t willing to talk to women, hell… No one can help you meet her!

That’s all I have to say.  Oh and read the Pandoras Box review.