How Do I Date a Girl Who’s Younger Than Me?

“Hi Vin,

I read your emails every week and truthfully I never thought I would do this,
but you offered at a time when I could really use the help. So here’s my problem….

I am a 49 year old male (I turn 50 in 3 weeks). The woman that I am love with is 36.

We met 4 year ago and instantly hit it off. Everything is a perfect fit with us except one thing, our age difference. She can’t get past this.

Now, at the risk of coming off cocky (yea I’m going to but it can’t be helped), I am not your average 50 year old male. I am told that I am handsome .

I am also a bodybuilder and work out six days a week. I am a nationally ranked competitor. I compete in the open class against the 20 and 30 something, not in the masters, and have never taken less the a second. I have my hair and no grey.

When asked my age I am asked to produce my drivers license as proof every time.

I am extremely proud of all this. When she and I go out, she tells me, whenever she is by herself or any other guy, and another male looks she knows they are looking at her, ( she is quite beautiful) but when she is with me and a guy does a double take, it is obvious they are looking at you. Now, this doesn’t bother her.

She say “you make me look good.” She has said the only thing preventing this from happening is my age but she won’t say she has ruled us out. She continues to search for a guy her age but every time it fails and she comes back to me.

I continue to date other people but she is the one that I want. Tell me what to do.

How do I fix this.

Thanks in advance,


>>> Hey J,

Thanks for sending in your email.

We all could use a little help, every now
and then 🙂

OK – Now that we’re buddies, I’m forced to lay some cold hard truth on you:

The age isn’t what’s holding you back.

It just isn’t.

I’ve dated older women… I’ve dated younger women… I’ve dated women who I was 10 years away from, in either direction…

And the AGE ITSELF is never an issue.

(Unless you’ve got at least 20 years, and even then it’s mostly a sign that you haven’t taken care of something deeper)

It hurts me to say this, but you’re in the dreaded Friend Zone buddy.

Which usually means you two aren’t sleeping together, but once a girl gets passed 30 years old… Even sex won’t lock down a relationship.

Basically, you want to get serious more than she does.

Which is a death sentence for attraction.

I’m going to give you the best advice possible for your situation:

Take a break from her for a month or two.

Then go back to her and talk to her using the techniques you learned here.

You’ll have a fresh start and your best shot at finally GETTING this girl.

Because the path you’re on isn’t leading anywhere good.

Sorry for the “cold shower”

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