How Do I Get Out of The Friend Zone

“Hello Vin, here are my thoughts. I have no problem walking into a room and making friends with everyone in the room. By the same token, I can sit down with one person and have a serious conversation and I thoroughly enjoy both sides of the coin. None of this is done in a glib or superficial way at all. Social interaction is an amazing experience and I love talking to people.

However in terms of my love life, my problem is I am always the “friend.” I can’t imagine how often you hear this problem but it’s the one I struggle with.

Sometimes I feel trapped by my social ability because I just don’t GET it. I’m a really cool guy, one person today described me as the “legend of the group” and I have zero difficulty meeting people. But when it comes to closing the gap with a girl I actually have feelings for, apparently there is more to this idea of attraction that I just don’t get.

Like you said in your email, you just couldn’t figure out the piece to the puzzle. That’s where I am. I have the entire puzzle of social interaction laid out but I am missing one puzzle piece. I don’t know what IT is but I just don’t get it.

I am sorry for how long and vague this is, but it’s the truth. I just don’t get it. I don’t expect you to be able to solve this in an email especially since I haven’t been very specific but if you could even point me in a direction of things to look at, that would be fantastic.

I have Double your dating, I have attraction is not a choice, and I even have advanced dating series from David Deangelo. I have your Pandoras Box which was phenomenal by the way. I just ordered Gambler’s free stealth attraction along with the approach anxiety download but for some reason I know I have all the materials. I don’t need any more methods or anything. I have it all within me but there’s a piece to this puzzle I just don’t get. Sorry for the long email and if you have read this far, I really appreciate your time and all the work you’ve done for this community of men who want to get this part of their lives handled. Hope all is well


>>> Hey James,

Great questions and insight.

Here’s what I got from your email:

If you’re the “legend in the group” and still having friend zone trouble, you simply need to put more sexual tension into your game.

Because your main problem is that women aren’t seeing you as a SEXUAL option.

She’s seeing you like a friend or other option.

Try this:

Next time you’re with a girl, use lots of “incidental touch”, where you brush your skin against a girl, but she can’t tell if it was on purpose or accidental.

For instance, holding her hand to protect her while you’re crossing the street is a good one.

So is touching her to express yourself while you’re telling a story.

You can find TONS more Sexual Tension topics in either past newsletter or DSP.


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