How Do I Get Quick Laids?

“I’ve been a good boy all year, so I would like as a Christmas gift you elaborate on these questions for me.

What do you think about attainability, well, I know its old, you probably don’t even teach about it anymore, but its the only product I have so well, I use it.

But dont see to do much difference on brazillian girls.

About your stuff, Its very potent and powerful, but It seems more geared towards relationships, or already good guys, it seems that each girl that I approach with that stuff, is a TON of work, not work work, but telling about my dreams, getting compliance, build tension, Shape.. Its good but looks like a Sniper, choose one girl and get her.. and get her hard, if It fails I feel like waste alot of time

(It was fun really all the time with girls are fun but its really feels like waste when I could have tried get other 10 girls at time and got 2) What Im trying to say here is what should I do and modificate to accelerate that and get Random Beautiful girls, Im 19 horny as fuck Im not looking for that quality women, and MLTR’s too


– Marcus”

>>> Hey Marcus,

Merry Thanksgiving. 😉

If you’ve got a faster way to get a woman home than loads of Sexual Tension with compliance for logistics…

… Well, let me know. I want to use it for myself.

(I thought 30 minutes was pretty damn good 😉

They key to bringing a girl home with you QUICKLY is:

A) Timing.

It needs to be the right girl at the right time. You can’t bat a thousand taking girls home in 15 minutes.

B) Sexual Tension.

And lots of it. She needs to REALLY want you.

C) Compliance.

Get her working for you, so she’ll leave with you.

You know all about these three, so I’m just going to tell you to use them… Then escalate.


Fast escalation is the key to getting girls to love you or hate you QUICKLY.

Which fixes your “time wasted” and “horney as fuck” problems lol.


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