How Do I Have Sex In College?

“Hi man!!

Thanks for your e-mail. I think you are totally right. And I think one of my
main problems is related to the same thing you are talking about here.

I am terrible at expressing my feelings. Any feelings. Anger, love, whatever.

The other one is: I am afraid of escalating. Many gurus say, one of the solutions for this is to read about sex. I’ve done that and it didn’t help.

And the other one: How do you get to have sex with a girl? Do you tell her or what? I don’t think so!! lol Many gurus aren’t very specific here, and many of their advice is geared towards clubs.

How do you get a fuck buddy?

I’m at college and I hate bars, so how do you exactly get her to be your fuck buddy?

How do you approach a girl you like at college?

What if I want to just have sex with a girl from school? U know, college is a very tight circle… Do I tell her I just want sex? I have some belief that girls would just have sex with their boyfriend. Damn!!

Thank you very much!!

Keep the good stuff coming!!


>>> Hey Alex,

There are SO many questions…

Let me see if I can group them into two, big, overarching themes:


This one’s pretty easy. It all has to do with your FOCUS.

If your focus is on the right things, your STATE will be good… And your SELF-EXPRESSION will be clear and unobstructed.

That’s the foundation of the 4EP model you’ll find in The Pandoras Box


Ok, you had two questions here, too.

Alex, you’re really taxing me man 😉

First thing you have to understand is how to smoothly escalate on a woman.

And NO – You DON’T ask her verbally to agree to sex. In fact, I’m going to HIGHLY suggest you claim a copy of The Pandoras Box method again, because you’ll also get the DiCarlo Escalation Ladder… And I simply don’t have time to explain it all right here.

But trust me – It will solve your escalation problems for good.

Now, if you’re worried about where to meet girls at college besides BARS…

… Well Alex, that’s an easy answer:

House parties.

They’re KILLER.

Easy to meet women.

High social networking and proof.

And women are ITCHING to go home with a guy.

College is a cake walk, stop making it such a big deal in your mind and you’ll see more success instantly.

Promise. 🙂