How Do I Rid Myself of Approach Anxiety

” Well i finally have read your entire email, it seems as if sometimes im so busy in life i forget to take time to read things like this. Im glad i was able to read it, i feel that i tend to get into the friend zone to quick. I go out downtown and see beautiful women but my approach skills are weak.

Im not the bad looking of a guy i mean i can probably pull some good looking women, but its like i cant think of things to say when i approach them. I sometimes get just caught up in there beauty but when it comes to fair looking women i can talk to them easily. I feel like there is a mental block there or something like im afraid of rejection but i was a fat kid until like three years ago.

So its not like i was most popular so i cant understand why i fear rejection, hell I should be used to it. Im not so concerned with taking them home but really just finding someone to talk to date and so on. If you can think of anyway to help me get over this block i would appreciate it.”

>>> Hey,

Boy, isn’t that the truth.

The couple of hours it’s taking to put this email together was hard to find.

But damn worth it! Which is a lesson in itself:

If it’s good for you… Put time aside to do it.

Whether it’s reading an email… Asking a question… Or approaching a pretty girl.

Moving on…

Your anxiety comes from a poor self-image, which is a WHOLE ‘nother email topic.

I suggest you listen to Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.

It’s an old course, but it should help rid you of any “I used to be fat” self image tying you down.

As far as what to say, that’s EASY.

In fact, just say this:

“I saw you standing there, and I love the way you carry yourself. You seem very confident and open to meeting new people”

Then start chit-chatting about whatever.

I promise she’ll love it 🙂

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