How Do I Stop Being Intimidating To Women?

“For the past several weeks man I have been wondering if the girls just don’t like me or if their afraid or intimidated or I don’t know anymore it’s driving me crazy man. And when I talk to them when that awkward stage after the when your done talking to her I asked them why did u just stop?

And their answer mostly was I was too intimidating. Which I think is bull but idk man. I’m an alright looking dude, play D1 football in College, in shake u just don’t know anymore. I read some of your work vin it’s some really good shit I can’t disagree with it.

Well if you ever get this email man just send me a little advice I would sure like to know was I’m doing wrong.


>>> Hey Chris,

You’ve got the dominance down pat, I bet.

College football player means you’re probably in great shape. And you say you’re good looking.

So you’ve got two good things going for you. Not to mention the social status

So yeah… I’m sure you can see how you’re intimidating to women, when I put it this way:

* Looks


* Body


* Status


* Intimidating

See? Math is easy 😉

The part of the equation you’re MISSING is SIMPLE:

WARM dominance.

Simply put, you need to be FRIENDLY, so she doesn’t feel intimidated.

Because she needs to feel attraction and TRUST to be into you.

Intimidation means you’re lacking on the trust scale.

You can do this by being playful, funny, nice, protective…

My friend Alex is kind of a big guy. Women are intimidated by him until he starts talking to them, because he’s got a real low, deep and soothing voice.

Plus, he’s quiet and protective.

Yeah, he COULD start trouble with other guys, etc… But he doesn’t.

He makes her feel at home.

Protected. Sexual.

Chris, try changing your “energy”. If that doesn’t make sense, think of it this way:

Instead of seducing her like an animal, get her aroused like a warm wind.

Be gentle, loving and protective.

That should make the “intimidation” factor go away 🙂

It also depends on the Pandoras Box type of woman.