How to Be Selfish in the Best Way Possible

Whether you want to achieve business success, get the relationship of your dreams, or live comfortably on the beach, all of these things are done to make you happy and feel fulfilled.

Here is a novel concept: why don’t you take a shortcut to feeling happy and fulfilled right now?

This may all sound selfish and that’s because it is. Except, in this case it is being selfish in the best possible way because here is the thing:

When you give back to others and contribute to society, you will instantly feel happy and fulfilled.

give back

It sounds strange to talk about “giving back” and being selfish in the same instance, but sometimes that is the most profound truth. Plenty of donors give millions of dollars for the recognition and fame that it brings. Even if it is for the wrong reasons – it helps others and brings them happiness.

For people who don’t have tons of money to donate, there are a few alternatives you can use in order to help others and feel a lot better about yourself. Below, we will document a few simple methods you can do in almost any city to improve the lives of others.

ways to give back

Have you ever walked into a meeting or date brimming with confidence and joy? Maybe you felt grateful for the weather, something great happened in your professional life, or you won a sports competition. Either way, those positive feelings probably made the meeting or date go a whole lot better.

That’s the secret. When you engage in giving back to the community or supporting others, you instantly feel the same way. Many things can be going wrong in your life, but serving a higher purpose, seeing the smiles on others, or helping make the world a better place is going to make your experience much happier.

The byproduct of a happier experience is that you will attract those things that bring joy and bliss into your life. It is a catch-22, but you have to feel the happiness and joy before the external realities become a part of you. Giving back is a service

So there is no reason to think about community service as some altruistic thing you are forced to do. Instead, just think of it as a selfish way to make yourself feel better and get the things you want in life. There is no need to be idealistic.

  1. Help others during daily activities – If you keep your eyes and ears open, you would be surprised how many people around you need help. It might be at the grocery store, while you are at the gym, or just at a party with friends. There are always things that you can be doing to help and every little thing you do makes you feel better. This is the easiest way because you don’t have to go out of your way to do anything.
  2. Donate some of your time – Let’s be real, a lot of men have a ton of free time. Instead of spending your time staring at a TV screen or playing video games, go donate your time at a local food bank or shelter. It will not seem glamorous and it might even be a little bit uncomfortable at first, but remember – it’s going to make YOU feel a lot better about yourself.
  3. Organize a campaign – If you really want to get some social points and feel good about yourself, organize some type of donation campaign. You can try and get canned goods, clothes, or whatever people in your area might need. It will help build certain skills, but it’s going to make you feel like an amazing do-gooder.

service is our rent

For whatever reason, helping other people and donating our time has always been framed as “help others”. It would be so much easier and people would contribute so much more if the secret was revealed: help others and you’ll feel amazing about yourself.

So next time, follow Vin DiCarlo‘s advice, when you have an opportunity to give back to your community, take the selfish approach and bring happiness and fulfillment into your life…and the lives of others.

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