How To DESTROY a Hidden Fear of Success

Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever stopped short of achieving a goal just before you achieved it?

Have you ever started to develop a talent or skill, only to drop it shortly after?

Maybe you felt “lazy” and didn’t think it was worth the effort.

Or maybe you felt like it was too easy.

This has been my problem.

I’ve actually GIVEN UP on things I wanted to achieve for two reasons.

1. Once I got started, I got the sense that it was too hard

2. Once I got started, I realized it was too easy

But it’s only been in the last couple years that I realized what was REALLY going on.

I was afraid of success.

If I look back on all the time I wasted when I was younger, I feel a sense of regret – there was so much I could have accomplished if I hadn’t quit so fast.

It’s just like investing money. Imagine if you regularly invested a small amount of money for the past 10 years. You’d have a lot more money than you do now.

And that’s what developing a talent is like.

But as human beings, we can be very shortsighted. We think that things will take too long, and not be worth the effort.

Well when it comes to women, I can say that it definitely WAS WORTH IT.

But it took a lot of work.

There’s one thing I think that really underlies the two reasons why I quit, and why a lot of guys quit when they set upon a goal.


You see, when you live a certain lifestyle, you get comfortable, or should I say…


Sure, you’d like to think that you WANT a certain thing…but when it comes down to it…


It’s familiar. You know what you’re used to. You know what to expect from

You may think you want something else, but at the same time, a new life is scary.

Let me shift gears for just a second…

In a few days I’m going to be sending out my DiClassified Trainer Brian’s “Play Your Game” video.

I won’t spoil it but in the video, one thing he says is that “Game is not SEPARATE from YOU.”

So what does this mean?

If you have not IMPROVED YOURSELF, your game won’t improve.

Your skill with women is simply an extension of WHO YOU ALREADY ARE!

So if you are living a life that you are ashamed of, it will come out when you talk to women.

And that’s why pickup can seem so DIFFICULT sometimes. You’re not only getting better with women…you soon realize you have to get better at LIFE, or else you feel like you’re stunting your growth.

So if you’re having trouble with women, it’s not just your “game,” it’s your actual lifestyle – what you do OUTSIDE OF WOMEN.

And that can definitely take some work, and some time. You have HABITS, trains of thought you are USED TO, that can be HARD TO CHANGE.

Not to mention it’s YOU CHANGING YOURSELF

So if you aren’t EXTREMELY SELF AWARE you are going to struggle.



So it can be really hard to fix all the problems with your game, and with your life.

One thing guys are extremely unconscious of, is their focus. Which is weird…it’s one of the great mysteries of life…

How can someone pay attention to something, but NOT KNOW THEY ARE PAYING ATTENTION TO IT???

Well, the truth is, YOU DO KNOW what you’re paying attention to…you just don’t know is that it’s WRONG.



If you’re not AWARE of your focus, it’s impossible to even get this ball rolling

So what do I mean by focus?

Well your focus leads to beliefs – habitual foci…

I actually did a lot of mental “experiments” in my life, especially when I was starting out with picking up women.

And there’s a point where it gets REALLY TOUGH. That’s when you know you’ve hit your ego at the core.

The ego protects itself – in fact, all it knows is to perpetuate itself.

Your ego will do a whole number of things to sabotage your personal growth. For example, as soon as you start improving yourself, your ego will say


Because the ego is scared to death that you will discover him, and kill him. So he fools you.

It’s your EGO, SCARED TO CHANGE, that stops you from changing, from growing.

Here’s the good news…

Your ego is JUST A PIECE of your total thoughts…it just infiltrates your thoughts, so it can be hard to discern.

One thing I really hate to see is when Western Society tries to confuse guys for MONETARY GAIN.

It’s disgusting. One thing I take pride in is I don’t require my clients to be return customers.

My guys come back to me because I offer what really works. In fact, the only time clients come back for more is when they get to ELITE LEVELS, and have NEW ISSUES to deal with.

I’d say one of the biggest problems guys deal with, is created by society – and it’s MISINFORMATION.

When you’re not informed on what’s REALLY important, it’s easy to be misled….

And sexual frustration can totally skew your sense of reality. That’s why success can seem so scary.

If you’re used to being frustrated, and using your right (or left) hand to gratify yourself, the concept of having a HAREM OF WOMEN will actually seem scary subconsciously.

But ask yourself this – when you are 80 years old, what are you going to say?

“I played it safe, but didn’t really accomplish anything or grow as a person”


“I took risks, worked hard, and was the best MAN I could be.”

Give it some thought.

And if you ARE ready to take the first step on the path to your BEST SELF, then it might be time for you to check out The Pandoras Box.

It’s filled to the brim with the exact mindsets that you need to start taking action and getting some real world results.

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