How To Handle Online Game


For about 2 years now I’ve been working on my game with the help of experts like yourself.

The cocky funny or tease to please attitude definitely works, and I have become reasonably good at it. However, I’ve noticed several different responses. Some women seem to hit the wavelength of what I’m doing straight away, and it’s almost like we move to a private one on one chat room, even though other people may be around us.

Others are like rabbits in a headlight-they don’t seem to know what to do next, even when I try and lead them.

A third group blow hot and cold. Any tips how to manage these situations.


>>> Hey Bob,

It seems like you’re doing mostly online game.

And being cocky has it’s drawbacks online.

Mostly because she can’t see the body language or the little ticks that make it funny, or self-depreciating.

Which is why cocky funny is good for BOYS, but if you want to attract beautiful women, you should start thinking like a MAN and start using dominance driven chats.

In fact, try this out:

When you talk to a girl online, use lots of humble humor. And just refuse to buy into her “frame”

What I mean is this:

If she wants to do the “you’re a guy so you should bow to me because I’m a girl” just laugh at it.

And tell her you’ll find her a cute boyfriend to do her bidding while you two have a good time together.

She’ll like it 🙂

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