How To Handle Trouble Girls

“hey, so heres a quick rundown of my situation, I had this girl coming into my work for over a year, and she was throwing me hints like crazy, I thought she was just being nice (this girl was hot).. so eventually i finally asked her out.. we hit it off.. but then she started working 2 jobs, and was stressin out.

So we decided to wait till things calmed down.. then a crazy ex came into the picture.. she ended it w/ him 6 months prior to us dating.. anyways she had to change her number 3 times, he kept getting it.. the last time it took her 2 wks to get it to me..

I found out that this ex threatend to kill her if she left him.. so the 2 wks i didnt hear from her, she was back with him.. now shes got a restraining order on him.. we met up talked, she told me what happened. but she said she as alot of emotional healing to do before persuing anything. and she wants to keep in touch and if the times ever right, then great…

what should i do man?? i dont know why she even contacted me and wanted to meet up when she doesnt even want to date right now? thanks buddy


>>> Hey Brian,

You’ve got a trouble child on your hands.

I suggest you learn from her past, and keep her out of your dating life.

She’s nothing but trouble, and if you’re ALREADY having problems with her, before you ever sleep together, you can just IMAGINE what’s going to happen once you two are steady.

Leave girls like this out of your life, and you’ll be much, much happier.

Take it from me Brian, I’ve been there and suffered through the drama, headgames and hassle.

The rewards not a big enough payout for the risk.


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