How To KEEP Women You Slept With

This REALLY bothers me.

When I look back at my early days of learning this stuff, it’s SUCH a shame.

When I really started to get good, and could escalate with any woman very quickly, I think about all the women I slept with but couldn’t keep around.

And it’s quite sad.

So many women had the potential to be great girlfriends.

But I had my head up my ass.

…maybe that’s a little harsh.

But either way it comes down to TWO distinct problems:

First, I was trying to prove something to myself. I was still a recovering nerd. And I’ve never fully recovered. But I’ve stopped trying to recover. And that’s what’s made me move past this “proving myself” thing.

I’ve accepted who I am.

Sure, I like comic books and video games.


Do you think women have cooler interests?

Is Myspace, shopping and getting drunk any cooler than what I’m into?

It’s all relative.

What it really comes down to is self-acceptance.

A woman won’t accept you if you don’t accept yourself.

Can you imagine a woman wanting to be your girlfriend when you don’t like yourself?

She will HATE your company and not want to be around you.

Because if you don’t like yourself, you can’t really like her. And if you do like her, but not yourself, then you look like a total loser. And who wants to date a loser?

Although it sounds easy, self-acceptance is extremely rare. How often do you hear people say, “I don’t care what anyone thinks of me!”

In my experience, almost NO ONE accepts themselves completely.

And I’m no exception.

The degree to which you accept yourself is the degree to which women find you attractive, and people want to be around you.

It can be really hard to accept yourself more. Old beliefs creep in and tell you that you are not enough, that you must be more than you are.

But the degree to which you banish these thoughts is the degree to which your game becomes better.

Because game is really about being yourself, not doubting yourself. And game doesn’t stop after your opener, after sex, after a few dates. It never stops.

Because it is you.

You are not separate from your game.

Your game IS YOU. The “game” is the degree to which you can express who you really are.

“But I’m nervous and insecure and awkward” you might be thinking. I disagree. That’s not you.

That is the distorted you.

That is you trying to come out, but your ego, your old mental habits stop you from expressing what you really want to express.

Before I get too deep into that, I want to move on to the second reason why I couldn’t keep women around after I slept with them.

I wasn’t aware of shaping.

And shaping is all about knowing what YOU want. If you don’t know what you want, you can’t shape. And knowing what you want is really just an extension of self-acceptance.

In fact, it’s self-acceptance, applied to others. You know what you like, and you encourage women to be that for you.

You see, women are very flexible. They have many sides that they can reveal to a man. Men usually implicitly tell women to be selfish, mean, and act like they
are better than the man.

But it’s not really her fault. She’s just doing what she’s told. Women are always looking to men to get a sense of reality.

So if you approach a woman and treat her like she’s on a pedestal, she will act accordingly.

If you approach her and treat her like she’s lucky you talked to her, she’ll feel that way.

Likewise, after sex, if you treat her like she should stay in your life and nurture your lifestyle, she will do so.

We go into this heavily in our workshops. I’ve developed lots of ways to shape a woman to be EXACTLY the kind of woman I want in my life.

And each woman is different. For example, I may want one woman to be just a sex partner. I may want another woman to be a sugar mama! I may want another one to be a girlfriend. It all depends on what you want.

I remember all the crappy, frustrating relationships I used to have.

I remember all the hookups I had as a young pickup artist, and how frustrating it was to not see those women again.

But once I began to accept myself and figure out what I wanted, it all came together.

The Pandoras Box is all about figuring out who you are, accepting and cultivating your character, and then applying that to the women you want to meet, sleep with, and date.

If you’re struggling with self acceptance and letting the real YOU shine through The Pandoras Box is a MUST HAVE.


P.S. I’m addicted.

We’re talking “sweatin’ like a junkie” addicted.

It’s like the part of the movie where Jason has got his machete and you HONESTLY don’t want to look…

But your eyes refuse to shut.

Your heart races, your palms get sweaty, you cringe a bit… but when it’s all done…

You head right back to Blockbuster to nab another horror flick.

That’s exactly what this month’s mastermind briefing is like.

It forced me to see every one-liner my past girlfriends have used. I’ve spent all week thinking…

“Was she cheating?” “But I thought she really WAS with her friends…”

And when I calm down, get collected and gather my senses…

I pop it right back in to listen again.

I admit, it IS fun to listen to… really fun… but three times yesterday alone?

I think I’m getting addicted.

Sign-up for mastermind before the briefing comes out if you want to nab the fix, but be warned…

If you can’t handle the rush, stay away from the product.

Get in on this month’s Mastermind by getting the Pandoras Box.

The clock is ticking.


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