Listening To Women

“Hi Vin,

Interesting scenario, I’ve never actually had a problem with women, money yes but in truth that’s probably because I spend it on women! – no I don’t mean hookers, although I’m quite happy to have a drink and a chat with them, when they’re not busy.

No your talking theory; you’re right but only half way there. some years ago I was selling offshore financial services in Manila. This involved sourcing my own clients, cold calling, organising meetings and in depth surveys. These were high powered C.E.O.’s mainly and I needed to stay sharp. One of the final surveys was a discussion where the client would go through all his assets, investments, aspirations and dreams; obviously to get to this stage there had to be a lot of mutual trust and respect.

On one occasion (there were many) I had an interview with the C.E.O. of a large international company, for over two hours he went through his portfolio, slowly concisely and in depth, occasionally looking to me for comment or reaction.

When he had finished he leant back and looked at me. He then said, “I don’t know why I did that, I’ve never told anyone half of that, not even my wife”.

I thought for a moment before replying, ” Firstly thank you for your trust and honesty, obviously it goes no further, with regard to your wife I expect that is because some of your interests and investments she would not fully understand and that would cause her to worry, which would feed back to you as unnecessary stress. But the main reason that you told me was that although you know exactly what you are doing, the picture was slightly confused and out of focus, in explaining it to me you have had to put everything in order and perspective.

Because of that you are now a lot more confident with what you are about and clearer with what you are doing”

He looked at me for a moment then said “Do you know? You’re right, thank you”

That was it, no mega order for an offshore trust account – not necessary, the guy was as sharp as a razor, but I’d had a very interesting afternoon and learnt an important lesson. When you listen to someone, you are helping them to hear themselves.

Best of luck, and I hope you can help some of the tongue tied shy guys out there, women are wonderful, warm amazing creatures, as mothers, sisters, lovers, wives and daughters, grand daughters are just unbelievable, and any one who is missing out on women is missing out on more than half his life.


>>> Hey JB,

There you go 🙂

Thank you for this email.

This is the type of message I love getting.

There’s so much to be said about the great lessons here…

… So look through it. Read it a few times.

It’s gold. Solid gold.


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