Picking Up Girls During The Day

You may not know this about me, but about 5 years ago, I would ONLY do pick-up during the day.

(Nowadays being a professional, I will meet women anywhere but yes, daygame still holds a special place in my heart)

I mean… the benefits were pretty clear to me:

*You don’t have to stay up late in bars and clubs so waking up early the next day is never a problem

*There is no loud music to compete with when talking to women,

*You never have to set aside EXTRA time to go out to meet women, you could just do it whenever you’re out shopping or whatever.

And the biggest benefit, is the difference in the quality of the girls.

It is always so much easier to find a woman that was girlfriend material. Unlike a club, the mall is not filled with “party girls”.

So anyway before I get too much on a rant about why daygame is so much easier and more fun than night game, let me get back to my story.

I was out in the mall looking for some shoes.


I just needed some shoes.

I wasn’t looking to hook up and I certainly wasn’t looking for a girlfriend.

But as I was walking to Macy’s, I saw my DREAM girl approaching me.

And she had a sexy ass ‘walk’ about her… you know, the one where she’s got heels and knows how to use ’em?

I approached playfully, and she humored me for a little bit…

But as soon as I tried to get her to join me for some shopping, she said “I’m meeting my friends now. Sorry”

Now, if I had been like 99% of the other guys out there, I would have given up.

But there’s something that I know, that most people don’t.

I understand the “Female False Rejection Mechanism

Now this happens in bars and clubs as well, but it is definitely very common during the day.

It is when a woman rejects a guy NOT because she doesn’t like him, but because she’s just USED to rejecting strange guy after strange guy who approach her all day long.

She’s so used to rejecting guys that it becomes her default behavior, and will often automatically reject you EVEN IF SHE LIKES YOU!

But since I was aware of this mechanism, I knew exactly how to persist beyond it.

I kept her talking for about 30 more seconds, suggested coffee and BAM. Had her on an “insta-date”.

Soon after that, I initiated some physical contact, led her around, went window shopping and before she knew it, I had her in a nearby hotel naked in bed with me.

Long story short, I ended up dating this woman for about 10 months, and it was a WONDERFUL relationship.

(No one ever believed us when we told them how we met. She actually made up some boring story about being introduced through her sister just so her friends didn’t think she was crazy)

She was intelligent, had a career and goals, rarely got drunk and partied and best of all, she looked EVEN better on our official first date, then when I met her.

(Lot’s of times dark clubs can be deceiving… have you ever met a woman in a club and then been very disappointed to see her in good lighting? Yup me too.)

By now I’m sure you understand why I’m such an advocate of daygame… and that is the topic of this month’s briefing.

In the briefing you’ll learn:

* The SECRET to zero approach anxiety during the day, even with street game

* Removing the fear of getting blown out, running out things to say, or feeling awful for doing nothing

* How to get FAST LAYS during the day time, and how to spot which women are ready for it

* The Day Game physical Escalation METHOD

* Why Summer and the holidays make getting good at Day Game RIGHT NOW essential

* The benefits of Day Game such as less party-type women, and more girlfriend material pickups, less groups to deal with, great for people who don’t like loud and dark bars or clubs

* How to overcome the objection “I have somewhere else to go right now”

* How to fit Day Game into your current schedule with no sacrifices which is great for busy guys

* Transitioning and building sexual tension during the day

* How to overcome obstacles such as being on an iPOD or Cell Phone

* Meeting women traveling in cars or in difficult situations with a microscopic window of opportunity

And as a special surprise, new, unreleased, unavailable anywhere else, and direct to you:

* Techniqes to overcome the False Rejection Circuit which causes her to instantly reject you even if she likes you when approaching during the day

* How to escalate to FAST SEX during the day, instead of getting phone numbers

* How to become an EXPERT at managing daytime logistics, for example when she is in a hurry, when distance is an issue

* The ultimate warm-up method for allow you to project your best self and have flowing conversation instantly

* I’ll also give you guys your MASTERMIND assignment for the month

Here’s to YOUR success,


P.S. I honestly believe day game is one of the most easiest, efficient and satisfying places to meet women.

What are you going to do when you see YOUR dream girl next time you’re out shopping?

Are you going to make it happen, or are you going to do NOTHING and let the opportunity pass you by, or even worse yet are you going to watch SOME OTHER GUY go take what should be YOURS?

I’m probably one of the top day game experts in the world and I’ll be revealing ALL of my BEST tactics, techniques and most importantly MINDSETS on this call.

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