Where Do You Find True Naturals?

“How did you find Naturals to hang out with when you were learning and how did you check your progress in those days(I am assuming you started this alone before you got it). I am also interested to know if routines and conversation threads are helpful and where can you find them in the vast sea of information which is congruent to your personality.

Finally even though I can do cold approaches, I am still awkward in social situations, can you suggest something to overcome this.

Thanks for listening to me.

Best Regards,

>>> Hey Ras,

I hope you don’t mind me snipping your email down a bit. I read the whole thing, and I answered your other questions ^^^^^ up there already.

So I hope you don’t mind that we jumped right to the good stuff 🙂

Anyways, I was lucky starting out.

I met Tony nearly as soon as I got frustrated with the rejection I was feeling from women.

He helped me… Introduced me to his friends…

And the rest is history.

However, I do know of a few good places to meet men who are really good with women.

(Although you should probably focus on meeting the WOMEN… It’s better for you in the long run)

Here’s a small sample:

* Bars and clubs – popular ones, especially
* Popular hang out spots

And I’ve noticed Naturals choose certain professions. Usually professions that surround them with hot girls.

(Unfortunately lots of times, guys that aren’t good with women will also take these jobs… Hoping to meet many beautiful women. So watch these guys carefully)

Jobs like:

* Nightclub promoters
* Barber shop OWNERS (they talk to people all day long)
* Strip club DJ
* Restaurant managers (in a “hot” city, where there’s hot

.. And honestly, the list goes on and on.

Keep your eyes open, and be open to meeting new people.

As far as “congruence” goes, you only run into problems when you’re using someone else’s lines and routines.

Which you shouldn’t be doing. At all.

You see, being good with women simply takes focusing on the right TRAITS she wants in a man.

And whatever you say will turn her on, as long as it flows from a good FOCUS.

I talk about this much more in The Pandoras Box.

But basically – Make up your own words, so she can get to know YOU.

Not me. Not Mystery. You.