Why You Should Date Multiple Women

Are you dating multiple women?

Here’s why I ask.

The other day I was thinking about what all this “pick-up” stuff is about.

And to me, it really represents a lot of different things…

But there’s ONE thing in particular that I believe is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

…and by the end of the email you will realize EXACTLY what that thing is.

How many times have you been stuck in a rut, sitting at home, wishing you had some girls you could call to hang out?

Like most guys, you’re probably looking for someone special that you can spend your time with, and that’s tough to find if you don’t have very many options.

Or maybe you’re even interested in dating more than one girl at a time.

Again, it comes down to options. I actually used to date 5 girls at a time, but that was almost like a full-time job.

But it was good in the sense that I learned what I really wanted in a woman, and now I have it in my current girlfriend.

And the way I got this was by dating multiple women.

I know a lot of guys fantasize about dating multiple women, but maybe you don’t think that it’s a real possibility.

If you’ve ever been stuck in a “serious” relationship, you probably fantasized EVEN MORE about having more than one girlfriend.

But just like most guys, you didn’t do anything about it.

Or what’s worse, maybe you did, and you ended up LYING to get away with it.

Maybe you even got caught “cheating.”

Because the only alternative would be to simply avoid other women because you were “taken”?

Here’s an even more common scenario we’ve all been through – you first meet a woman and she asks you how many other women you are seeing. “Uh, er, none, just you?” Yeah right.

When you limit your options with women, when you can’t date and enjoy the women you want, it can be really frustrating.

Have you ever gotten bored having sex with your girlfriend or wife, but felt stuck because you weren’t “allowed” to sleep with other women?


By that I mean that it’s possible for you to date as many women as you can handle – and I don’t just mean casual hook-up bodies – I mean actual girlfriends who are devoted to you.

*Later in this message, I’ll give you some very solid tools to set up multiple relationships with the women you are dating.*

You see, society has men brainwashed.

The idea of monogamy is a standard institution that people tend to take for granted. But have you ever honestly asked yourself, “Why do I have to only date one woman?”

Now you may honestly want to just date one woman at a time – or maybe you are looking for “the one” you can raise a family with. That’s great – I’m all for raising a family and growing old with one special woman.

And actually, I think that’s the whole point of all this.

But the message in our culture tells men the completely opposite way of going about meeting the love of your life.

You need options – you need to play the field so that you can pick the best woman for you.

But don’t tell this to a woman. She’ll argue with you until the cows come home. That’s because she’s brainwashed too.

I cringe everytime I see a woman bossing her boyfriend or husband around.

And I laugh when women accuse men of being dogs for wanting to date lots of women – as if there is something wrong with a man’s natural sex drive.

But the truth is, women don’t want to control their man, and they don’t want a man to be monogamous for monogamy’s sake.

It really comes down to a deep biological fear that she will lose her man – her protection and sexual lover – to another, more attractive woman.

If you can address this fear, you will be able to date other women without your girlfriend coming after your “manhood” with a pair of scissors.

In fact, she’ll respect you more for being honest about your masculine nature.

I know this because I live it.

When I was younger, I’ll admit, I was really really bad with women. I had maybe one or two girlfriends between high school all the way through my mid twenties.

And these were not “attractive” women – they were the best I thought I could get.

I actually ended up marrying the first woman that dated me in college because I didn’t think I’d ever meet anyone else who would like me.

Boy was that a mistake.

She turned out to be a real disaster, and I was miserable for our very short-lived marriage.

One of the things I had to deal with in that relationship was her constant jealousy. She was always accusing me of looking at other women, and acting like my boss. The possibility of dating other women was completely out of the picture, but only because I bought into her view of reality.

Now I see things differently.

I remember how awful that was for me, so now I try to help guys avoid that trap.

This may be a completely new idea for you – that you can date multiple women at a time. It may sound crazy – but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

In order to meet the best woman for you, you need to play the field. It’s just that simple – you can’t make a good choice without options.

Before I go on, let me point out a couple (among many) hidden benefits to having multiple relationships.

First, sexual frustration is no longer an issue.

Think about how bad it sucks being horny but having no one to have sex with, or having only one option – that same tired girlfriend that’s usually “not in the mood” or acts like sex is some kind of “favor” she does for you. UGH!

When you have other options, you never have to put up with your girlfriend not being in the mood. She knows you can just call someone else, which you can anyway.

You have more sex available than you actually need.

Interestingly, I’ve found that not only do I feel more satisfied in this situation, but my girlfriends seem more satisfied as well. This is because they respect me and feel more attracted to me because I am acting like an alpha-male.

I have lots of sexual options and it comes out in my attitude.

Which brings up my second hidden benefit for having multiple relationships – this kind of lifestyle affects your attitude and behavior like no inner-game or set of techniques could ever do.

You are happy, confident, carefree, and banish all neediness from your behavior (and we all know the effect neediness has on attraction).

The main problem guys have with managing multiple girlfriends is simply a misunderstanding of women’s needs.

When you don’t understand what drives a woman to think they way she does, you can’t address her concerns.

If her emotional needs are met, she will never object to you being a man – in fact, part of being a man means taking care of those around you, and that includes the emotional needs of your girlfriends.

Now I know you’re probably a busy guy, and you’re wondering if there’s really time to have 2-3, even four girlfriends.

Well that depends on you.

But I bet you could actually use a little more variety in your life… trust me, we all can.

And if you’re interested in Natural Game, then you probably also want women to like you for YOU.

That’s how it should be, and how it IS, but the concept of being your self is completely misunderstood. I’ll have to save that whole discussion for another email, but break it down thoroughly in The Pandoras Box.

I will say that being liked for your natural self is the KEY to developing and maintaining multiple relationships. But it’s probably not the way you’re thinking – let me explain.

You see, you’re not the only one that wants to be liked for who you really are.

Women want the same thing.

And that’s the key to keeping a woman around even though she isn’t the only one in your life.

Presently, I’m very satisfied with my current girlfriend.

But up until this past year, it was normal for me to date 3-4 women at a time.

And the way I did this was to make sure they knew that I appreciated them each as unique, special people, and that our respective relationships weren’t going to end anytime soon.

Because of this, not only did I have regular sex with all of them, but they would each bend over backwards (and forwards) to do things for me – everything from cooking and cleaning, to buying me clothes and paying my rent.

If this sounds like the kind of lifestyle you’d like to try, and you’re sick of abiding by the rules society has imposed on you, then maybe it’s time you break free from that mental prison.

The Pandoras Box covers EVERY mindset a guy would ever need to have to be involved (and have access to) multiple women.

If you already have it, I’m sure you’re well aware of the POWER it gives you with women.

But even if you don’t have it, here are a couple tips to set the relationship terms with the next girl you get involved with.

First, don’t make any false promises of commitment. If she brings it up, just say that you are enjoying getting to know her, and you cherish the time the two of you spend together – you would never do anything to sabotage that.

Also, don’t hide the fact that you are dating other women. If she asks, say that you are seeing other women, but so far, there’s nothing really serious.

Another thing to try is to bring two girls you are dating around each other. Seriously – have them both meet you at a bar and have drinks together.

This is a solid way to get threesomes going, but it also conveys strength and confidence. You are a man who owns his actions and you don’t compromise to
please others. This is immensely attractive.

What you’ll find is that these women will see you as a friend that they have regular sex with – and that’s what it really comes down to. You are a friend to women, and part of your friendship is sexual.

You give them something they can’t get just anywhere: real emotional appreciation, and sexual pleasure.

This is what naturals understand, and is why they get laid with zero effort from almost any woman they meet.

And this is what I’ve come to understand for myself.

If you are ready to make a real transformation and live a life of choice and abundance, then you HAVE TO get your hands on The Pandoras Box.


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  1. A February 19, 2016 at 8:04 pm #

    This makes so much sense.. this method of living I straight up believe will over power any game/women skills and give you all the confidence you need.

    No matter who we are, when were single.. times get lonely or need to be filled, although not all of us come across needy or desperate on the surface.. I do think women have a hidden power to sense it when its there even if we don’t think were feeling that way..

    With this way of life you always have something to fall back to and nothing will effect you emotionally because people can be replaced while another person is still available for you!!
    I think the best thing you mentioned is doing this openly!! It shows you are of an alpha status, it gives the woman the option to opt out and free up her space in your life and theres no effort in covering things up..

    It is great you have analysed all this experience through the years and now you have found the most suitable woman for yourself!!

    Cheers for this post, it puts a new perspective on things!!

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