You Might Know This Girl

I’m about to let you in on a very private (and somewhat shocking) CONVERSATION.

I was actually WARNED by one of my competitors to NOT send this out.

You see, this “conversation” and the recording that came out of it, is about to cause some serious changes to this industry.

…almost to the point where a few widely held beliefs are going to be exposed as bullshit!

But in the interest of full disclosure and TRUTH, I AM GOING TO SEND THIS OUT.

After all, if I get in trouble for this, I’ll know in my heart it was for a good cause.

This “conversation” is nearly 70 minutes long….

It’s a conversation between ME, a good friend and… a seemingly “well behaved”

She’s the stereotype “good girl” and even referred to herself as “Daddy’s little angel”.

Her blouse and skirt covered all skin above her knees, and her “nice girl” smile wouldn’t be out of place in a church choir.

She sat down…

…got herself a glass of wine,

And this “average” girl came out with some outrageous confessions…

Pretty soon the conversation got on the topic of “Well, have you ever cheated on your boyfriend?”

She smiled and answered candidly… “Every… Single…. One.”

And what followed was an in-depth ANALYSIS and FULL REVELATION of FEMALE PSYCHOLOGY and the DISTURBING DETAILS that surround the contradiction that is their DOUBLE LIFE.

At this point you might be wondering WHY she would reveal this seemingly “damming” information to men…

And that’s a good question.

In this world, there are two “categories” of men.

There are men who are, as we say “In The Know”… Extreme Naturals and an elite class of trained pickup artists.

And there are men who are “Out The Know”… which is everybody else.

You could think of the In-The-Know guys as a club – an exclusive group with less members than people who ACTUALLY read “Playboy” for the articles.

Only “In The Know” guys can talk to women on this ‘super-human level’ of honesty.

We talked for a full 2 hours and I got kept the tape running the whole time,

But halfway through, I started to freak out because…

I looked back on some of the “one-liners” my ex-girlfriends had used in a new light…

And completely changed my beliefs about modern dating.

She even talks about how “Out The Know” boyfriends of hers get SHOT DOWN when they try to get a “piece of the action”…

You might ask:

What is the secret to an “In The Know” guys’ success?

Well, aside from his passion to learn as much as possible…

(which is a quality that GUARANTEES success using my style of game, btw)

and his ability to escalate smoothly with women…

It’s his BELIEF SYSTEM that women can pick up on from a MILE away.

And that’s exactly the topic of this month’s MASTERMIND CD.

If you don’t have the Pandoras Box package, and you’re NOT in the ‘Mastermind’ club you may get it here.

In this conversation, we discussed:

* One key factor that distinguishes an “In The Know (ITK)” guy from an “Out The Know (OTK)” guy

… And why ITK guys are sleeping with 20 times more women.

* The shatter-proof belief system “In The Know” guys have that women can feel coming from a mile away

* The mental “short-circuit” that FORCES her to lie to an “Out The Know” guy about her true sex life

* How to decode the “signals” from girls who cheat — Before it’s too late to swoop in and take over

* 4 “top-secret” club-guy motives women think YOU have… The game plan to fix it in full-color detail

* Strategic social-alliances women use to pull the wool over an OTK’s eyes – With ‘undercover’ family members and startling “white” lies

* One “off-hand” joke that MEANS she’s cheating on you… How one precise compliment can (surprisingly) stop her

* Why going “straight to dating” makes you her gender-bending “guy friend”.. And almost guarantees she’ll cheat

* How she uses “Michael Moore” logic to invent boyfriend problems… And justify screwing an “In The Know (ITK)” guy

* Why a woman’s way of sleeping around is a ‘house of cards’ that ensures there’s no messy after-the-fact guilt

* The main reason she cheats is most likely one over-looked part of your sex life… and NO it’s NOT what you’re thinking

* How many TRUE random acts of jealousy women want, and the answer isn’t “none”

* Why her “ace in the hole” sex-partner would NEVER make her boyfriend jealous, in fact-He probably sees them together everyday!

* 3 hard-wired reasons she doesn’t lie to “In The Know (ITK)” guys that have nothing to do with pick-up

* How to tell if a girl is dating you because she’s out for stone-cold revenge

* Why there’s no “untamable” woman. Even the most hardened man-eater wants to fall in love… With an ITK guy

* How she uses sex to separate ITK guys from break-up material… 3 tricks that cement your place in her mind

* The fuzzy female logic that puts a gag on her morals and lets her cheat “guilt-free” with any “In The Know” guy

* Two deceptive cheating tactics that are too shockingly simple for OTK guys to notice

* The only GOOD jealously that creates excitement and bulletproofs your relationship from other ITK guys

* Simple ways an ITK guy uses her logic-breaking beliefs about clubs and bars to take-over her “boyfriend” slot

* Why being ITK gives you access to ANY woman for dating or sex… Especially if she already has a boyfriend

* Intoxicating “bio-triggers” that force her to date two men at once… To weed-out who’s REALLY In-The-Know

* 3 under-handed schemes women use on OTK guys to get expensive gifts and travel without giving them sex

* The “one strike rule” for cheating, and why your relationship is impenetrable if you’re “In The Know”

* A simple system ITK guys can use to craft an invincible “steel cage” around his relationship… If he chooses to get into one

* How to talk to your friends about this stuff without giving them a shockwave “reality check” that’ll scare them into celibacy

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